EMS implementation Workshop

Implementing an effective Environmental Management system (EMS) can add greatly to an organisation’s ability to succeed in an uncertain world. Good environmental management can unlock hidden profits, open new markets, improve relations with stakeholders and provide added confidence to investors and insurers.


That said, many organisations fail to gain the maximum value from their investment because they approach the process wrongly or a poorly guided by others.


Compass delivers a one day EMS Implementation Workshop which will help any organisation to better plane, develop and implement an EMS. As a result they will be in a position to maximise the benefits to be gained from this investment of time, resources and commitment.
During the workshop your team will consider:-
  • What an EMS is and how can it add value to the organisation
  • How to develop and EMS in easy to manage stages
  • The tips to implementing an effective, practical EMS with minimal bureaucracy
  • How to successfully involve staff and others
  • How to use the EMS to help adapt to future changes in the economy

Our experienced staff are experts in helping organisations to develop and implement practical EMSs based around the requirements of ISO14001, BS8555 and EMAS.


We also help organisations minimise bureaucracy by linking, where appropriate, with existing quality, health & safety or other management systems.
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