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The way business addresses its environmental impacts can have significant implications for its profitability and standing in the market place. Effective environmental management can deliver tangible business benefits whereas failure to address environmental obligations and liabilities can significantly reduce the commercial viability of a Company. As Directors it is essential that we recognize how environmental issues can impact upon our business and how we can secure the best deal for our organisation and its stakeholders
Compass delivers a range of programmes which are designed to enable Directors to add value to their business through pro-active strategic environmental planning.
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CRED1 Environmental Opportunities and Obligations for Directors - Boardroom Briefing 1.5 hrs 65+VAT Click here
CRED2 Environmental Opportunities and Obligations for Directors - Boardroom Workshop 1 day
Click here
Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get'. In the 21st century, climate is what you affect, weather is what gets you

Myles Allen, Nature 2003
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    • 1.7 million company PCs are left on standby when not in use, generating 700,000 tonnes of CO2.
      Source: National Energy Foundation.

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